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This section describes books authored by Dr. Consiglia Azzopardi.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these books, you may contact the author directly on consiglia@malteselace.com or call on +356 79270064.  All of the books are available in stock from the author except for
"L-Istorja tal-Bizzilla tal-Gżejjer Maltin".

A personal dedication may be signed by the author (an any of the purchased books) upon request.

Maltese Lace: History and Mystery, Four Centuries of Bizzilla
Hardback + Jacket, A4, 574 pages full colour.
Published by Kite Group, Malta in 2019.
English Language
Price: €120 (excluding postage)

  • Introduction of the lace craft in Malta.
  • From the merchants to the Churches, Convents and Nobility.
  • Lace work spreads to the working class.
  • The primitive lace pillow and consequent introduction of stitches and styles from important lace centres of Europe.
  • From the time of The Order of St John to the time of the British in Malta.
  • Maltese Lace recovered in Gozo.
  • Lace Artists, Merchants and Entrepreneurs in Gozo.
  • Diacono founds the First Lace School / Lace Industry in Gozo.
  • Lady Hamilton Chichester supporting Gozo Lace.
  • The Early 20th C. Maltese Lace dominated by Malta Industries Association.
  • Surviving masterpieces of Maltese Lace inspire modern projects.

    For the first time the history of Lace in the Maltese Islands has been researched and studied, the technique was tested, patterns were reproduced, lace designers were accredited.  The book contains numerous pictures of designs that can be worked by both the common and the professional workers.  Turning over the pages is enough in order to appreciate the efforts of our ancestors in realizing Maltese Lace as was manufactured in the past, hardly believing that most were illiterate women.  

  • GOZO LACE An Introduction to Lace Making in the Maltese Islands
    by Consiglia Azzopardi,
    Hardback, A4, 176 + VIII pages.
    Phototypeset and printed by Gozo Press.
    First Edition in 1991, 1992, 1994.
    Second Edition 1999, 2005.
    ISBN 99909-982-0-5
    Language: English
    Price: €36 (excluding postage)

  • Brief history
  • Equipment and materials
  • Preparation work: winding bobbins, design covering, lifting on the Maltese pillow.
  • The Basic Stitches.
  • Working Motifs
  • Planning insertions, borders, corners, rounds, reversing for ovals and rectangles.
  • Mounting lace, ironing.
  • Prickings of all designs studied in the previous chapters.

    Lessons are simply explained using sketches and shade screening "important hints to remember", that can be followed by a novice while progressing from one step to another.
    Lessons start by learning Simple Edgings and move to more complicated projects such as Table Centres or Shawls towards the end of the book.

  • GOZO LACE - A Selection of Bobbin Lace Patterns Designed by Dun Guzepp Diacono (1847-1924)

    By Consiglia Azzopardi
    Hardback, A4, 68 pages including 8 pages original designs in colour.
    ISBN: 99909-982-1-3
    Language: English
    Price: €30 (excluding postage)

  • Profile of Diacono - a pioneer of Gozo Lace Industry in the 19th century.
  • Bobbin Lace Patterns with Instructions of:

    • 25 ornament insertions
    • strip insertion
    • 20th century border
    • Runner
    • Scarf / Fascinator
    • Collar
    • Circular Table Cloth which served for making an umbrella.
      (Prickings are obtained by photocopying the patterns from the book, which can be adjusted as required).   

  • L-Istorja tal-Bizzilla tal-Gżejjer Maltin
    A book in Maltese about the history of Lace in Malta.  This book was written as part of the Kullana Kulturali Series by PIN.

    At present it is out of stock.

    GOZO LACE - Supplement
    Paperback, A4, 8 pages.
    Language: English
    Price: €10 (excluding postage)

    Designs of straight lace most commonly used in Maltese Lace to make a shawl or Stole:

  • Lace Patterns 2000 - 2010
    edited by Consiglia Azzopardi
    published by: Koperattiva Għawdxija tal-Bizzilla u Artiġjanat
    Spiral Paperback: special glossy strong paper that can be cleaned; easy to photocopy designs, A3, 107 pages.
    Language: English
    Price: €28 (excluding postage)

    A collection of bobbin lace designs reproduced yearly for Gozo Lace Day between 2000 and 2010.
  • Ornaments
  • Small Round Mats
  • Small Rectangle / Square mats
  • Borders
  • Wide Borders
  • Ovals & Cheval Sets
  • Round Table Centres
  • Fan
  • Umbrella

  • © 2012 Consiglia Azzopardi
    'Sliem', 28th April 1688 Str., Sannat, SNT 1115, Gozo Malta.
    (+356) 21553299 / (+356) 79270064, consiglia@malteselace.com