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Koperattiva Ghawdxija tal-Bizzilla u Artigjanat
The 'Koperattiva Ghawdxija tal-Bizzilla u Artigjanat' was set up in Gozo in 1996 with the purpose of keeping up the name and the standard of the real Maltese lace.

Over the past decade, this lace co-operative has built up a personel made out of the best lacemakers in Gozo who graduate mainly from courses run by Lacemaking Programme at University Gozo Campus.

The co-operative specializes in individual projects made to order, and designs are tailored to the customers' tastes.  The size of worked items vary from small doileys, table mats of all shapes and sizes to large table-cloths, silk shawls, veils in white or black, wedding dresses, flounces for liturgical vestments, church lace.     
Koperattiva provides all tools and material needed for lacemaking.

pillows and pillow-stands,
bobbins and bobbin-winders,
pins and pin-cushions,
thread - Linen (beige)in No 30,50,60. Silk in black, white. Cotton in white, beige or any colour on order. Rayon in various colours.  
acid free paper,
plastic film (blue)for covering patterns,
books about Maltese Lace.
small gadgets such as bookmark plastic covers, magnets for pins, thread holders, spindles, thread separators, fine latchet hooks,etc.

If you wish to purchase any supplies, please contact us on koperattiva@malteselace.com.

Visit us on Gozo Lace Day (annual event in spring) to choose from the variety of supplies available and to have the yearly design of bobbin-lace published for the occassion.

Contact Koperattiva on koperattiva@malteselace.com.
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